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Sep 14, 2012 11:00pm EDT
weather over missouri. that stays off to the south and then a system over south texas. this will be moist you're that gets picked up and pushed north. then at the tropics, there is ndaine this is a hurricane, winds at 75-miles an hour. future trend showing the next weather maker. that's going to set up over south texas. all this moisture toward the forth. just bank on the idea of monday being a wet day, tuesday transition day before we see the sun return. all in all it weekend stands to see -- we stand to see a nice weekend. 60 degrees in town. 50s north and west of town. a pair of 7's tomorrow. breezy sun. temperature lower, they struggle to get out of the lower 70a. the seven day forecast looks great. sunday mostly sunny but then the clouds will start to filter in during the course of the late afternoon hours and again that weather weather system we shaded over south texas that comes in to play by monday. monday could be -- could be nasty. going into tuesday as well. temperatures in to the 70s and the sun back out by wednesday at 71. we have a beautiful weekend. lot of things goin
Sep 14, 2012 4:00am EDT
across the mississippi and down to the eastern portions of texas, south eastern texas. thunderstorms will slow down some of your travel. dallas had some thunderstorms. still a chance today but it's shifting to the east and better chances through this afternoon. there's a look at the front tracking it off towards the east. behind it dealing with lots of sunshine, breezy conditions through north texas. also some breezy on shore conditions through florida. that will prompt chances for showers during the daytime. not expecting to see tropical development across the edge of the florida straits. some shower activity today certainly through southern sections of florida. couple separate batches of showers this morning. joplin, springfield and in the short term through south texas a few showers. some thunderstorm activity earlier this morning. that may help stabilize the atmosphere around san antonio. houston, galveston, corpus christi, a couple of those storms are short time. let's check out your local forecast. philly coming in with 83 degrees. again, we've still been holding
Sep 29, 2012 4:30pm EDT
is very helpful to me. he had this great ranch in south texas with a stable reporter horses. used to come to the guest house where i would say very early in the morning, 5:30 or 6:00 and sit on the top railing of the fence watching them exercise and he would tell me -- he answered almost every question i asked about johnson's career, took me through the assassination in great detail. one of the things he said was everybody thought when they heard the shot that was a motorcycle backfire or it was a balloon going off for a firecracker. but he said i was a hunter. i knew the instant i heard it that it was the crack of a hunting rifle. i talked to everyone who was with lyndon johnson in the hospital still alive, in boston with lyndon johnson. congressman jack brooks. lyndon johnson's devoted secretary, kennedy's secretary, they're always seemed to be other sources that have been overlooked. when i was doing this suddenly i came across a fact. a secret service regulations that if you were a member of the presidential or vice-presidential detail and there was an incident involving the p
Sep 28, 2012 6:00pm EDT
of a storm that tries to organize over south texas. future trend showing the precipitation going down to the south. areas over the eastern atlantic, back to hurricane status. 56 in town. mostly cloudy, shower spot shower south and east. for tomorrow, 72 is you 2- degree gain tee guarantee with a blend of sunshine and clouds. 50 tonight, partly cloudy with cool conditions across many locations. 72 over the weekend. back up to 79 tuesday. this could be a storm that comes in with maybe showers and storms near 81 on wednesday. all in all the week, just have to watch the system for tuesday. >>> let's ask america is featuring a maryland contestant. she taped an appearance for the show and can't reveal whether or not she won yet but filled us in on how the show works. it's up to the contestants to figure out what america is thinking. >> what the show does is pull random people, let's say, groups of people in the 20s, or in their 60s or professional people. they will ask them random questions. based on the answers that those people give, they ask the contestants the same questions and yo
Sep 28, 2012 5:00am EDT
developing, late today in texas and then through the weekend through south texas and northern gulf coast. you're gng to dea with areas of rain. rt hof trut chhe no problems west coast looks dry, too. so saturday, we will see showers still in boston. but the rest of the mid-atlantic should be just fine. then by the time we get to sunday, really t heaviest rain is along the gulf coast. cleared out even in new england r a nice sunday. >> like th. mi a reality star defends the nail polish that costs more than some home. this is unbelievable. plus, animated monsters scare up some laugh tez bs at the box of this weekend. your first look at entertainment is next. [ ow ner ] i need to expand to meet the needs of my growing business. but how am i going to fund it? d ve to find w toag cflet [ female announcer ] our wells fargo bankers are here to listen, offer guidance and provide you with options tailored to your business. we've loaned more money to small businesses than any other bank for ten years ruing. so come ta to us to see how we can help. wells fargo. together we'll go far. somethin
Sep 8, 2012 2:30am PDT
all i came from a house in san antonio, south texas of big opinions. my father was a kind of district attorney without portfolio. other jewish fathers play golf. >> this is a jewish district attorney. >> originally from mexico. his whole passion in life is corruption. the family own add discount store. that wasn't where his heart would you say. he was running this family business and his heart was exposing theing bad guy. for a reporter it became the most fantastic training ground. at dinner my father would talk non stop, the mayor is a crook, the senator is a crook, i am going to get that guy. he would have campaigns, whistle blowers, he had stocking bag stuffers. there was an extrodinary house, lucky house, very grateful for all of that who is hilariously funny. he is holder sister, anita brenner was older, worked in the "new york times" in the 1930s. there are many pictures of anita in those family scrapbooks. unfortunately my father hated his older sister, rather than getting to have wonderful times of gertrudestein in mexico, all i heard was she is a monster. they didn't speak. t
Sep 14, 2012 7:00pm PDT
plains here even down towards the south, texas, louisiana, and mississippi. it does look like it could be stalling out here through your weekend and into the early part of next week, bringing some rain showers and thunderstorm activity with it, as well. flooding could be possible, and even up to 1 centimeter of rainfall could linger across this area. now, north of that, see the big blue "h," that will be creating big and bright blue skies across much of the northern plains. dakotas, you could see temperatures getting up into the high 30s as opposed to your overnight temperatures. the lows are going to be drastically different, down to single digits. so a very drastic change here as we go through your september here across much of the north. temperatures are reflecting that, winnipeg with a high of 21, now south of that front you're also seeing warm weather, houston at 32, and across much of the east coast into the high 20s here going through the start of your weekend. and over towards europe, we're continuing to watch a very potent low-pressure area there in italy over towards the balk
Sep 14, 2012 6:00am PDT
are watching a frontal area push across the central plains here even down towards the south, texas, louisiana, and mississippi. it does look like it could be stalling out through your weekend and into the early part of next week, bringing some rain showers and thunderstorm activity with it, as well. flooding could be possible, and even up to one centimeter of rainfall could linger across this area. now, north of that, see the big blue h, that will be creating big and bright blue skies across much of the northern plains. dakotas could see temperatures getting up into the high 30s as opposed to your overnight temperatures. the lows are going to be drastically different, down to single digits. so a very drastic change here as we go through your september here across much of the north. temperatures are reflecting that, winnipeg with a high of 21, now south of that front you're also seeing warm weather, houston at 32, and across much of the east coast into the high 20s here going through the start of your weekend. and over towards europe, we're continuing to watch a very potent low-pressure area t
Sep 8, 2012 1:00am PDT
dozen people. most of the 12 have already pleaded guilty. south texas has a sorry history of political corruption says this history scholar. >> shocked with the extend of this particular situation, yes. i think we were apprised or shocked by it. but when another episode of corruption on the evening news, that's the way things seem to go down here. >> reporter: the district attorney has not taken reporter's questions since his indictment. i'm gary tuchman with cnn. can we speak with the district attorney? his personal lawyer and his associates in his office said he would not talk to us. >> translator: it wasn't worth it for them to do this, for them to let him walk away free for money. they let him walk free. >> reporter: the brutal murder. the disappearance her murderer. and allegations that lawyers were supposed to help them instead grubbed for blood money. for this family, it's too much to bear. >> this is a nightmare. a true nightmare. >> when is the trial? >> the d.a. and the lawyer representing the children will go on trial this april. both men asked a federal judge to drop the ch
Sep 19, 2012 6:00am EDT
south texas border. the fire happened yesterday afternoon at a mexican owned oil company in the city of reynosa across the border from mcallen, texas. it forced them to evacuate nearby ranches and homes and took crews an hour and a half to put out the fire. >>> also not far from the u.s. border, new information about the massive mexican prison break. police detained the prison director and two other officials while they investigate. they now say 129 inmates escaped from the tunnel just across the border from eagle pass, texas. authorities believe a mexican drug cartel organized the break. >>> a man accused of threatening children is behind bars this morning after a cross country investigation. the man is in his 20s and was found in his home in valencia, california. police there were tipped off by investigators in connecticut who saw a post on an espn blog who said a man was watching children and wouldn't mind killing them. the home where the man was found overlooks two schools. police found several guns inside as well. those comments also reportedly referenced the colorado movie thea
Sep 29, 2012 8:00am EDT
situation. and there's a whole reason for what was happening in south texas and will be happening in the southeast throughout the weekend, the start of the workweek. and here's what's going on. you have moisture from the pacific and from some tropical cyclone leftovers. that gulf moisture comes up and gets trapped underthe stationary front. that's how much rain is going to fall. from houston, jackson, new orleans, too. you see that red? that's no good. there's going to be flooding problems throughout the weekend. let me leave you with how hot it's going to be over the weekend. still, 104 for l.a. by the time we reach our monday. so, grand rapids, we're saying hello to america. biggest round of applause. they all love you very much. >> so, we are so excited here, again. the middle of the country having some of the best weather. and we're enjoying it. are we not? yeah. >> ginger, we're so proud of you for being inducted into the hall of fame. we can't let you go without embarrassing you a little bit. we have some pictures. your mom may have sent them to us. there you are as prom queen,
Sep 29, 2012 9:00am PDT
now, where football is like a religion, but in south texas, one public high school is accused of violating the separation between church and state by allowing cheerleaders to use bible verses on banners during the game. >> the one parent who did complain, it is just one. if you don't like it, don't come to our games. >> we're trying to fight it not for publicity, but for god's word. we're not fighting for our rights, we're fighting for god. >> the parents of the cheerleaders are fistanding the ground filing a suit. avery in cleveland, good to see you. >> hi, fredricka. >> and richard herman, criminal defense attorney and professor joining us from las vegas joining us as well. >> the school district cannot block these cheerleaders from using these banners with the bible verses, but isn't this an issue of church and state? >> yeah, that's a hometown ruling -- yeah, that's a hometown rule by a local judge that wants to get re-elected and has no bearing in law. the judge is flat out wrong. the united states supreme court has spoken on this back in the year 2000, santa fe v. john doe.
Sep 15, 2012 4:00am EDT
ether? >> we don't have anything to do with it. just in the eagle ford in south texas, our numbers show if we want to use the oil, by 2020, we're going to be producing 80 to 90 of gas and we have no idea what to do with it. >> and you have come up with a plan. it sounds like you started. it sounds like if i go down there i'm going to see tons of people that you've put into work. >> the dozers are working. we're moving ground, and bechtel has started the construction. we put in our orders for the refrigerators and all the equipment. so the project is on. >> now you've got news out of japan this week that is going in your direction. japan is closing its nukes. they have to import, right? >> they're going to have to look at something. they cannot close their nukes and not van alternative. in fact, i'm flying to tokyo on sunday. >> so what is it, tokyo, who is it this time you're going to do a $2 billion deal with? >> no, i'm just going to go tell them a story. >> a lot of ceos come in that i'm kind of in awe of, but i play with an open hand because a lot of people are skeptical, as i said
Sep 29, 2012 3:30pm EDT
cities, app -- appalachia, colonial south texas, all of that because that's where we have the persistent poverty where we have the intergenerational poverty, and it -- i found it very interesting. i was down in north carolina the last three days in the blue place in north carolina. you have to be -- you want to be safe, you stay in duhram, capitol hill okay, raleigh sort of. i went through what i just went through with you, and, of course, it's crucially important, but when you're -- i mean, even here in washington, we know that places are really important about poverty. when we talk about ward seven and eight and what the issues were especially at eight, what issues were there, and what we have to do, social it's so muche complicated because we have to attack all things and deal with the people's choices about where they will live and deal with the question of looking at jobs as something in the regional economy, but it's also something that much more engages people locally around the country than these things that are matters of federal legislation. we should all be behind h
Sep 27, 2012 2:35am EDT
. showers from the colorado rockies to south dakota. a wet day from new mexico to south texas. thunderstorms from wichita to pittsburgh. a few showers around the big apple. philly and d.c. >> 60s and 70s from northeast into the great lakes, the dakotas. 80s in atlanta, miami, and new orleans. 97 in phoenix. just 67 in colorado springs. >>> see you in a few hours, new orleans. can't wait. also this morning, sacramento woman honored after her heroic action saved the life of a little boy. elise nelson described how she looked down from her upstairs patty to see a 2-year-old lifeless little boy right there in the pool. his 3-year-old brother asking for help. >> she ran downstairs, started cpr then called 911. by the time paramedics got there the child was breathing again. every parent's wor nightmare. if you have a pool around that your child will find its way. >> amen to good samaritans. >> coming up, parents' picks" and showing you products that should be at the top of the list if you have a baby or one on the way. >> very cool. first, the holidays are getting closer. this year some early gift
FOX News
Sep 4, 2012 5:00am EDT
humidity. otherwise further south across texas and oklahoma, we are talking about hot temperatures yet again today even though it is already past labor day and we are heading into september highs in the triple digits 104 in dallas 101 in phoenix. 103 expected. northeast dealing with the showers. temperatures slightly cooler today in new york city expect ago high of 78. >> thank you so much. check with you later this morning. time to entertain this. chris reemerges in london royal making the first public pier rance since his las vegas photo scandal. he attended a charity that helped sick children and families across the u.k. happy endings actress alicia kutsburg is engaged to her whom kefie an say. >> she was from the tv show 24. >> despite big hits like the avengers and dark knight rises it was not a blockbuster summer for hollywood. they saw lackluster ticket sales in the worst decline in 7 years. the ticket costs didn't make up for it. annual revenue is down 4 percent the lowest since 1993. >>> talk in sports the starting lineup all of the sports stories making headlines at this hour
Sep 9, 2012 1:00pm PDT
preclearance, but texas and south carolina is. explain to me the different courts in which these things will be challenged. >> yes, just to take a step back, we're under that voting rights act. there are certain states with such a negative history of restricting the franchise in the basis of race, they have to engage in preclearance. so texas and south carolina are two of them. the reason this isn't an issue in ohio or pennsylvania, those two states are not preclearance states. so voting rights do not control -- >> there were states in slavery, part of the union, and they didn't have a jim crowe industry. >> that's right, it basically places the onus on the state rather than the disen franchised individual to make their case. so what's been happening is the court has been saying look, we're going to weigh this, and bisically we're going to look at the possibly for voter fraud, and the burden on potentially disen franchised voters. because of this negative history this state has had, the thumb is heavily on the scale against that state and for the plaintiff, right? so what's happe
Aug 31, 2012 6:00pm PDT
poor people who are overwhelmingly african american and latino in south carolina, texas and florida, and even in ohio from being able to vote. it's those folks who would have the most difficulty getting ids. like you said they have to travel to get them and this is about keeping them disenfranchised. >> jennifer: thank you both for coming inside "the war room," and up next, clint eastwood made our day, but did his ruin mitt romney's. >> i'm not going to shut up. it's my turn. [ laughter ] so... [ gasps ] these are sandra's "homemade" yummy, scrumptious bars. hmm? maybe. rich chocolate chips... i just wanted you to eat more fiber. chewy, oatie, gooeyness... and, and...and then the awards started coming in, and i became addicted to the fame. topped with chocolaty drizzle... and fraudulence. i'm in deep, babe. you certainly are. [ male announcer ] fiber one. fiber beyond recognition. >> jennifer: earlier in the show i addressed president obama in my point. a lot of us wish we could talk to him every day but leave it to clint eastwood to have an imaginary conversation with the president
Sep 10, 2012 8:30pm EDT
european unification on the and on the north and south texas with the east and west texas, the north and south is italy which is basically the two regions where the common flag held together by the transfers through which you could argue plausibly that both of them hold up the total on the other hand east and west is the german unification, the two regions pull together large transfers from the rich to poor and pulls in 14 years later you stapled each other together. in the end for bring about the economic one then the costs now bearing with the crisis of manageable. it on the other hand it's almost an unlimited sequence of transfers to stitch the whole thing together that is a much different termination. >> is it a social contract? saying that you don't have the answer. >> we don't know which it is. there is uncertainty about policy-making and uncertainty about the kind of determination over the extended period of the month. the motives behind the design of the principal and the financial markets are going to take on the institution and they are going to find out whether the politic
Sep 27, 2012 4:00am EDT
power. >>> showers in the rockies and south dakota. thunderstorms from the texas panhandle. also, stormy from oklahoma to ohio. scattered showers in the northeast and florida. >>> finally from us this morning, writer j.k. rowling set the world of children's books on fire with harry potter and his magical world. her new book is much more down to earth. >> "casual vacancy" is the name. and it goes on sale today. and "nightline's" cynthia mcfadden got an early look. >> reporter: books. movies. >> you're a wizard, harry. >> i'm a what? >> reporter: merchandise. a theme park. the harry potter universe, j.k. rowling's creation, has spell bound millions. now, rowling has left her wizarding world behind for an adult novel called "the casual vacancy." you've gone from the ultimate fantasy to the ultimate reality. >> i've gone from dragons and unicorns and all the fun that's involved in writing that, to a book that intensely personal. that expresses a lot of my reality. >> reporter: rowling insists the book is not a memoir. but she did draw on the darker times of her life to craft her char
Sep 28, 2012 3:00am PDT
poor people who work for minimum wage like we do down here in south texas. he could do something for the -- with the minimum wage but he didn't do anything. >> bill: i wish he had done something with the minimum wage, too. i think it is pretty clear that barack obama cares more about what's happening to the middle class and to the working poor today than mitt romney does. >> caller: oh, absolutely. because i've been to massachusetts underneath romney and that was a nightmare. i've been saying for the longest time how come nobody ever brings up his governorship, what he did in mass. >> bill: but what you said about the working poor is so true mark. i don't know exact numbers but huge -- they're not all people of color i guess is what i'm saying. there is a huge percentage of white working poor, right? and so why are those white men gravitating toward romney rather than obama? >> because they're stupid, brother! >> bill: all right mark. that's as good an answer as any. one more on this. good news about job numbers next. kathleen from chicago. >> caller: how you doing? >> bill: i'm good
Sep 14, 2012 5:00pm EDT
to texas. ms of this stays to the south, and then we're watching out in the atlantic. tropical storm nadine, that is closely becoming a hurricane. winds at 70 miles per hour with nadine. it is moving to the north- northeast at 10 miles per hour. there could be some enhanced weather around maryland as we go into the next 24 to 48 hours. the only weather headline is really this cold front that moves through the course of tonight. low pressure to the north. high pressure down to the south. the pressure gradient, so that is going to kick up the winds as we head into the overnight going into tomorrow. just be aware of that, otherwise we're looking at really good conditions. the future trend, and upper 50s north and west of 70, but the sunshine is back in for tomorrow afternoon and it will be into the 70s. so your forecast for the overnight, and calling for around 60 degrees a spot shower. the breeze will start to pick up after midnight. 76 degrees tomorrow. breezy sunshine. a beautiful afternoon. and we really have a great stretch of weather for the weekend. sunshine returns, though, and
Sep 16, 2012 1:35am EDT
hold in their hearts. it's home. chicago, illinois temple, texas georgetown, south carolina but when they're away from home, there's another place they turn to. it's the uso. and in more than 130 locations around the world, for american troops and their families, it's as close to home as you can be. fort worth, texas los angeles, california honolulu, hawaii the uso is how america supports her troops. it's how we say thank you to the men and women who have placed our fortunes and our families and our futures ahead of their own. the uso is a private, nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that relies on the generosity of the american people. san diego, california san antonio, texas, baby. pasadena, california. but for now, it's right here. find out how you can help. visit us at the uso. until every one comes home. >>> from week one to week two, we saw a lot of improvement from the maryland terrapins, but the first true test came this weekend. not just a matter of picking up their third win but beating head coach's former team when they came to coach the terps. there he is right t
Sep 29, 2012 7:00am EDT
in three states. texas, wisconsin and south carolina, which is currently appealing. pennsylvania is pending. alabama and mississippi need the green light from the justice department. of the eight , only tennessee ad kansas will have to meet the new strict standards this november. >> we want to make it easy to vote or hard to cheat? we can do both. >> reporter: with both sides fighting against any voter being disenfranchised in november, neither is willing to give up a single vote. make sure to stay with cnn throughout the week for updates on this story. pennsylvania is expected to announce its decision on voter i.d. laws by tuesday. >>> the onions gallup poll says white rural americans prefer iran's president over president obama. we'll tell you who took credit for the phony story. >>> but, first, let's go to chicago. a man came up with the idea to open up a gym after he lost his job. as you see, it has a lot more to offer than just dumbbells and treadmills. chicago yoga instructor bret holten had no idea to be a small business owner until he lost his job. >> this gym actually close
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 284 (some duplicates have been removed)